The clock Workshop * Au Carillon d’Or * is located at Route de Boudry 24 in Cortaillod, which takes us into another world. A very great number of ancient clocks of various origins and all ages shell the time passing by with a continuous tick-tack, covered every fifteen minutes by chimes having various tonalities.

Clock and watchmakers specialized in clock making and always were impassioned by mechanisms giving life to automatons. Thierry Amstutz, restorer of clocks, old and modern, creator of clocks with automatons and music boxes, technician-demonstrator of the Jaquet-Droz automatons at the Museum of art and history in Neuchâtel (MAH), started his own business in 1981.

Thierry Amstutz’s eldest son, Grégory, after having completed his apprenticeship as first at CIFOM in Le Locle as specialized watchmaker in the field of repairing, joined the company in December 2005.

We invite you to discover his site and wish you a pleasant visit.